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Worcestershire Moths

Support Material for anyone recording Moths in Worcestershire - VC37.

The county list spreadsheet
All species recorded in VC37 with indication of status and what is required to confirm a record.
300Kb .XLS file

MapMate import spreadsheet
A tool to help with formating records in a way that makes it easy for us to add them to the county database.
500Kb .XLS file

Recorder's support package
A .zip file archive containing the files above plus notes on recording in the county covering confuision species, using MapMate and submitting your records to the county database.
350Kb .ZIP archive

Review of the 2014 season
A .pdf file reviewing the more significant records recieved in 2014
3.3Mb .PDF file

VC37 Moth distribution maps.

Silver y Map Distribution maps of all species recorded in the Vice County.

We have split these into two groups: Micros and Macros.
The maps are at 2 km square resolution and show data banded in three groups.
Black squares indicate records before 1970
Yellow squares are between 1970 and 1990
Red squares are post 1990
There are a few blank maps where the only records have 2 figure grid refs. Only 4 figure or better grids are plotted. The number of records along with first and last dates are included to the right of the map.

The maps are a snapshot of the database on the day they were generated. It is intended to update them annually.

There are two numbers prefixing each species link. The first is the log number as published by Agassiz, Heckford and Beavan (2013). The Second is the older Bradley and Fletcher number.
e.g. 1.001/0001_Micropterix_tunbergella
Users can use their browser's search in page feature (Ctrl+f) to search either numbers or text to find the required species easily.

The links below will load a list of all the species in that group. Simply click the desired species to load the map.

Hereford and Worcester Moths Blog

Peter Hall has recently set up a Moth orientated Blog for the two counties at: http://herefordandworcestermoths.blogspot.co.uk/ .
It has great potential as a means of updating those interested in the moths of the region with our recent sightings, finds and events as well as a place to get ID advice.
Do please sign up and participate. Many thanks to Peter for his work on this facility.

County recorder's contact information


County Recorder
Tony Simpson - tonysimpson.1945@hotmail.co.uk

Database adimn
Oliver Wadsworth - oliver.wadsworth@sky.com

Maps generated using MapMate® software and Map outlines © Bartholomew 2003.
All data copyright.