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Committee Profile 

Committee Profile 

Branch Committee Profile

Committee Profile

Dave Jackson [email protected]

In South Staffordshire I am pleased to represent the County at Committee Meetings, and happy to propose conservation initiatives provided by members. I lead butterfly walks and moth nights when requested by partner organisations and run a BC stall at County events. I am always happy to assist with e-mailed Butterfly and Moth identification.

Dean Fenton [email protected]

I have been active in conservation in the area for 20 years. I live in North Herefordshire and am an ever-present at Ewyas Harold Common winter work parties. I managed Worcs. Wildlife Trust's Hanley Dingle reserve for 18 years. I hope to spend some time this summer (2017) surveying for Wall in the West of the county.

Ian Hart [email protected]

At present I am a Branch Committee member, Conservation Officer for Herefordshire and Warden of Ewyas Harold Meadows BC Reserve. This is a key location for the rapidly disappearing Pearl-bordered Fritillary, which also holds an important plant community and the Grizzled Skipper. Whilst leading and organising regular work parties is an essential component of my role, I also work closely with the owner of the adjoining Common with the objective of maintaining and extending good PBF habitat.

Jenny Joy [email protected]

I am the long-standing Senior Regional Officer in the West Midlands, and I maintain close contact with the branch in all our work areas. My other key roles include running the Facilitation Group in the Wyre Forest (which is part of the Countryside Stewardship scheme), updating the Regional Action Plan, and taking opportunities to have a strategic development role within existing partnerships. These include the Wyre Forest Landscape Partnership board and the Meres and Mosses Wetland Landscape Partnership board. I also provide support for Rhona in key work areas such as the Wood White project and our work with the Forestry Commission.

John Tilt [email protected]

I have expanded my Transect Coordinator role to include work on updating the Branch’s approach to casual recording, and have been instrumental in identifying County Recorders. I also manage Grafton Wood Nature reserve, which has many delights but whose main attraction is the Brown Hairstreak. The Reserve provides the security of being the core setting for the only BH population to be found in the region. In 2005 I became a member of the BC National Reserves Committee and from 2009 took on Chairing the West Midlands Branch for three years. Recently I have been preparing material for the important task of updating the Branch website.

Joy Stevens [email protected]

My main role as Branch Secretary is to co-ordinate the paperwork for meetings (Committee and AGM) and provide support to the Branch Chairman in the planning and running of meetings. In particular this involves attending meetings, taking minutes and distributing these to Committee members. I am also actively involved in the Roman Rd Scarlet Tiger project, working with the local community.

Lucy Lewis [email protected]

As Treasurer I keep track of the Branch’s finances, budgets, fundraising etc. & do the paperwork needed on Branch activities by BC Head Office for their accounts & their financial regulations. I'm also a Prees Heath Common Reserve volunteer. Out of curiosity about the Heath I went to the first litter picking work party after BC bought the reserve. Over gigantic piles of rubbish I met the Reserve Officer. I married the Reserve Officer. Now I spend a lot of time tree-popping birch, pulling ragwort, finding Silver-studded Blue caterpillars & photographing anything that moves on the Heath.

Mel Mason [email protected]

As WMBC Malvern Representative I monitor the local transect sites, analyse the data, report on the trends in population and occurrence of each species, help conserve the less common species and their local habitats, and I also organise work parties on the Hills targeting the Grayling. I monitor casual sightings and provide feedback to local volunteers. A key component of my role is to liaise with the Malvern Hills Trust, and I serve on their Wildlife Panel. I am also closely involved in upgrading our website.

Mike Southall [email protected]

Currently I am vice-chair, being a long term supporter of the branch, and representing the land owner and farming community. My involvement stems from meeting Richard Southwell when he came to our farm to pick his own strawberries, and started a conversation with my wife, who happened to mention that I was interested in butterflies. My motivation is to share my passion for butterflies and moths with like minded people.

I am open to requests for identification help with butterflies and moths, and their habitats. I have quite a large collection of photographs, particularly of moths.

Mike Williams [email protected]

I am a founder member of West Midlands Butterfly Conservation and have held various posts, including Branch Organiser, Newsletter Editor, Conservation Officer and Brown Hairstreak Champion. I am currently Publicity & Marketing Officer and responsible for issuing press releases on behalf of the branch and managing our social media sites, organising events and raising funding for projects that promote greater awareness of butterflies and moths. I am keen on recruiting volunteers to undertake recording, monitoring work and conservation activities at key sites, as I have strong links with the Wyre Forest and our own Reserves.


Peter Seal [email protected]

I joined the Branch Committee in 2011, having become more involved with Branch activities after retirement, at first while living in the Malverns. We moved to Worcester, and having spent the bulk of my adult life in Birmingham, I recognise the importance of butterflies in an urban setting. However I also help with work parties at various reserves and sites, along with sharing transects at Monkwood and Hollybed Farm. In spite of being Chairperson for the last three years I am still learning about butterfly identification.

Rhona Goddard [email protected]

I've been working as West Midlands Regional Officer for Butterfly Conservation since September 2014. In April 2016, I was lucky enough to be appointed as the part-time project officer for the "Making a Stand for the Wood White". This project aims to maintain, enhance or create suitable Wood White habitat, by working with charities, organisations and private landowners in South Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.Through targeted conservation works, we hope to help reverse the species' decline by working in landscapes that support, or have recently supported this rare and threatened butterfly species.

Robin Hemming [email protected]

When the then chairman asked me to be Hereford county moth officer I asked him what I had to do. He replied "nothing". Which kind of suited me however I see my role on a broad basis.

I promote an interest in moths in the county amongst both the general public and moth trappers. I run public events mostly through the Wildlife Trust with particular attention to involving youngsters. I liaise with local wildlife groups and landowners where necessary and attend branch committee meetings. I coordinate activities with the local Mothing fraternity and currently coordinate Hereford participants in the Garden Moth scheme. I am always happy to confirm moth ids or help where people are unsure. I encourage people to get their records to the County Moth Recorder.

Roger Dobbs: Link trustee

Each of Butterfly Conservation’s trustees act as a ‘link trustee’ to two or three of BC’s branches. This has two main benefits. It keeps trustees in touch with the immensely valuable work done by BC’s volunteers. The skill and commitment of BC’s volunteers has been, and always will be, central to BC’s goal of conserving butterflies and moths. Equally importantly, the ‘link trustee’ role allows for informal discussion between the trustee and branches on any aspect of BC’s work. I am currently the ‘link trustee’ for the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire branches. Now that Neil Thompson has completed his maximum term as a BC trustee, I look forward to serving also as the ‘link trustee’ for West Midlands.

Ron Hatton

Whilst Ron is no longer a Committee member since standing down as Treasurer, he is a long standing –indeed founder member of the West Midlands branch. He remains involved with work parties here on top of his commitment to the Bill Smylie reserve, one of Gloucestershire’s key sites

Simon Primrose [email protected]

My main role as species champion is to further our knowledge of the distribution of the Brown Hairstreak and to raise awareness amongst the community (especially with farmers and landowners) of the existence, and conservation requirements, of the butterfly.

I lead weekly and adhoc winter egg searches, and three formal weekend searches, around Grafton Wood, which contribute to the long-running monitoring scheme. This includes searches in locations where we’ve been specifically invited by the farmer/landowner. I also liaise with Natural England to discuss current and potential areas, regarding habitat protection. I then feed through egg numbers, and OS grid reference locations, to the county recorder, also send data for specific sites/hedgerows, to BC Head Office, to form part of the national HO monitoring methodology for the Brown Hairstreak.

Stephen Lewis [email protected]

I am Volunteer Warden at Prees Heath Common Reserve, the only remaining site for the Silver-studded Blue in the region, organising and leading volunteer work parties and guided walks. BC purchased the reserve in 2006, and I was appointed Prees Heath Officer, a role I continued until I retired in 2015. Work has focussed on restoring large areas of the site to heathland following many years of arable cultivation, an ambitious and challenging process that is already reaping rewards for the Silver-studded Blue. More information about the reserve is available at and I am available to give illustrated talks about Prees Heath to interested community groups.

I have also been Editor of The Comma since June 2015, reading and amending articles as they are received and working closely with the designer, whose work enables the Branch to continue to produce a magazine of high quality.

Steve Williams [email protected]

I have been a member of the Committee for the last three years and I help out at work parties in Grafton Wood and the Scarlet Tiger Project in Stourbridge. I am currently in the process of looking at providing greeting cards (showing various butterfly paintings of mine) that could be sold at events locally to promote the Branch.

Trevor Bucknall [email protected]

I am conservation officer for Worcestershire. I liaise with landowners and other organizations to offer advice on habitats and management advice for Lepidoptera. For many years I have been closely involved with practical support at our Reserves.

However I also have arranged work parties at private sites i.e Throckmorton, Walsgrove Hill, Ramscombe Coppice etc.

Martin Harrison

My main role as Branch Secretary is to co-ordinate the paperwork for meetings (Committee and AGM) and provide support to the Branch Chairman in the planning and running of meetings. In particular this involves attending meetings, taking minutes and distributing these to Committee members. Having moved back home from Texas (where I was bitten by the butterfly bug), I offered my administrative experience to the branch. I am, to be honest, a bit of a dilettante, compared to some of my colleagues: I spend much of my free time in pursuit of photos. Anywhere between the Lake District in Cumbria and Lake Kerkini in northern Greece