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Butterfly Gardening

There many excellent accounts of how to garden for butterflies, both on the web and in books.

The main principle is to plant a succession of flowers to ensure a steady supply of nectar throughout the flight season. Do not just plant Buddleias as although they may attract the larger commoner butterflies, they do not readily attract the smaller and rarer species. Sedum and Michaelmas Daisies are very useful in the autumn and cultivated Heathers in the spring. Butterflies also feed on Lavender, Corn Daisies, Candytuft and Marsh Marigolds.

If you are really keen then plant the caterpillar food plants as well, though be very wary of planting nettles as they will take over and are hard to eliminate. To find out what caterpillar food plants would be useful, consult any good butterfly guide book.


The Butterfly Garden by Matthew Tekulsky

Butterflies in the Garden by Carol Lerner

Creating a Butterfly Garden by Marcus Schneck

The Country Diary Book of Creating a Butterfly Garden by E.J.M Warren

Create a Butterfly Garden by L. Hugh Newman

Butterfly Gardener by Miriam Rothschild

and for junior gardeners -

Ben Plants a Butterfly Garden by Petty Kate

The following links will take you to suppliers of butterfly friendly plants, feeders and hibernation homes and tips on creating your own butterfly garden.

Butterfly Products - Green Gardener

Creating a Butterfly Garden - Linda Walls' experiences in Cirencester.

Butterfly Gardening for Children - BBC

Floyd's Guide to Butterfly Gardening - Derby Council

Flowers for Butterflies - Worldwide Butterflies


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