NEWSLETTER No. 10 -  Winter 1983/84



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As the pages of this newsletter bear witness the last six months show further considerable progress by the branch on a number of fronts. Progress which has only been possible through the increasing support and involvement of our members.

Membership is the key to success for any organization and, although small in size, the West Midlands branch considers itself fortunate in having so many members who are prepared to make very real contributions to butterfly conservation. Clearly the more members that take an active part the more that can be achieved, and the branch has very much benefited from the efforts of our members over the summer. Particularly gratifying was the tremendous response to our reserves appeal announced in the last newsletter. This now stands at over 200 which is a terrific start. Keep up the good work.

Once again a varied programme has been arranged for the Winter, starting as usual with our Annual General Meeting at the start of December. This year two of our members will be giving an illustrated talk on their trip to France in the Summer in search of the Large Blue (also see article in this newsletter). This subject has of course considerable topicality in the light of the impending reintroduction of this butterfly back into the British Isles. Also recommended is the Members' Slide Evening in the Spring which is traditionally a great social occasion with plenty of good things to eat (and drink) and the added spice of choosing the branches Slide Photographer of the Year- definitely not to be missed. For those amongst us in need of exercise (and that means I suspect nearly all of us) a number of opportunities have been provided to shed a few pounds. Work days are held throughout the Winter at different sites of butterfly interest and it is always good to see new faces in addition to the regular band of helpers. For the first time we shall be undertaking management work on our own reserve in the Wyre Forest. Our major conservation project for the Winter concerns the White-letter Hairstreak and the latest news on Operation Hairstreak is to be found in this newsletter plus information on many other conservation issues.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter and our sincere thanks to all members for their continuing support.








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