NEWSLETTER No. 11 -  Summer 1984



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Whatever Orwellian nightmares 1984 might have in store for the rest of us, the year has started well for butterflies with the news that the World Wildlife Fund has secured at least 40,000 for butterfly conservation through a sponsorship deal with Associated. Tyre Services. For every tyre and exhaust system fitted by A.T.S. the company will make a donation to support conservation. Twenty nine butterfly projects are to be funded by this means, ranging from research studies into specific species through to the promotion of educational material to be used in schools. A number of BBCS branches have been quick to put forward projects and we are pleased that the West Midlands branch has succeeded in securing finance to further work on the White Letter Hairstreak (see article). The branch hopes that all those members who are able will take part in the planned survey of the butterfly's current distribution and its particular ecological requirements. We are grateful to Martyn Davies for agreeing to co-ordinate this important work.

1984 is also a milestone for the West Midlands branch as it marks our fifth anniversary. It hardly seems possible that it was five years ago that we became the first established BBCS branch. Now, at the latest count, there are ten branches with several more in the pipeline. Branches have had a considerable impact on the Society and in March a small working group of branch and national officers was set up to produce a development plan for the BBCS over the next five years. Both the Chairman and Secretary of the West Midlands branch are members of this group and we would be pleased to receive members ideas on this issue. Ron Hatton, in particular, will have an important role to play as he has been elected by other branches to serve as Branch Liaison Officer, which means that he now becomes a full member of the National Committee.

As far as our own development is concerned, we are anxious to do more to promote the branch and the Society through displays and articles in the press. It was with this in mind that the decision was taken at the branch A.G.M. to create two new officer posts - a Press Officer and a Sales & Displays Officer. Ultimately, however, our success in these fields depends on all our members, so please respond, if you possibly can, to the requests made elsewhere in this newsletter for your assistance.

An ambitious project planned for this Summer, in celebration of our first five years and to give further impetus to the growing awareness of the need for butterfly conservation, is the organisation of a Cotswold Butterfly Festival on Sunday, July 15th in the grounds of Postlip Hall, Winchcombe Glos. This will be a major publicity and fundraising event and, to ensure its success, we will need the help of as many members as possible. Further details are contained in this newsletter, including suggestions as to how members might get involved. Please give this urgent consideration and get in touch with the Sales & Displays officer as soon as possible.

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