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Butterfly Recording


Input Records with iRecord


Surveying and recording sightings of butterflies is one of the most valuable services members of Butterfly Conservation can perform. After all, unless you know what species are present in any given locality it is impossible to plan how to manage a particular site, or indeed if it is worth managing. If a site is managed then, again, the best feedback of the success or otherwise of that management is to record how well the species are faring from year to year.

Recording can take many forms, from just noting what you see on an afternoon stroll to a more structured 
regular Transect walking scheme.

The West Midlands branch recorder is Nigel Stone who collates all records submitted by members and forwards them on to Butterfly Conservation Head Office each January. In order to do this Nigel needs to receive your records by early December each year.

This arduous data gathering exercise can be made easier if Nigel does not have to spend time interpreting 
individual recording schemes - letters, spreadsheets and some which look more like pirate treasure maps!

There is available a Standard Recording Form which should simplify matters. This is a Word Document that can be saved onto your machine. Please print one off and photocopy a number of blanks for the season. This page may take a little time to load.

To get you started there is also an example of how to complete the form.

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