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Butterfly Transects

Butterflies are recorded in a fixed width band (typically 5m wide) along the transect each week from the beginning of April until the end of September yielding, ideally, 26 counts per year. Transect walks are undertaken between 10.45am and 3.45pm and only when weather conditions are suitable for butterfly activity. Weather conditions have a considerable effect on the numbers of butterflies seen. To ensure that the counts are standardised as much as possible:-
Transects are not walked when the temperature is below 13°C (in northern upland areas this may be reduced to 11°C)
Between 13-17°C, a transects may be walked providing there is at least 60% sun
Above 17°C, a transects may be walked in any conditions, providing it is not actually raining
When wind speeds are above 5 on the Beaufort scale, transects should not be walked.

All information on Transects can be obtained from UKMBS which shows how to set up a Transect and how to do the recording.  The local Transect Coordinator is John Tilt and can be contacted on [email protected]

For UKBMS you also need to register.

Location of Transects in the WM Branch

List of Transects

Site Name

Aqualate Mere    Doley Common    Malvern Pinnacle Hill    Slade Wood

Avon Meadows    Wetland Downton Gorge    Malvern Poolbrook Common    St Wulstans LNR

Batch Valley 2    National Trust Droitwich Woods    Melrose Farm Meadows    Stiperstones

Batch Valley, National Trust SSSI    Ewyas Harold Common    Merbach Common    Stoulton M & J Wood

Bathpool Park    Feckenham Wylde    Moor Monk Wood 1    Tedsmere

Bellpit Meadows    Grafton Wood    Monkwood North    The Bog

Besford Court    Hartlebury Common and Charlton    Mottey Meadows NNR    The Leasowes

Blackberry Way    Haugh Wood South    Newtown Green & Meadow    Tiddesley Wood

Blackhouse Wood    Haugh Woods North 2007    North Hill Balcony Malvern    Trench Wood 2

Bringsty Common    Highgate Common    North Hill Malvern (2010)    Trittiford

Brotheridge Green    Highgate Common (2014 onwards)    Old Hills Revised    West Malvern

Bury Ditches    Hill Court Farm    Pound Green Common    Whixall Fens and Mosses

Castlemorton Common    Hollybed Farm    Prees Heath (SSB)    Wigmore Rolls

Chaddesley Wood    Hurst Coppice    Prees Heath Common    Wilden Marsh

Chase End Hill    Joy's Wood Preston    Montford Field Centre    Windmill Hill

Cherry Orchard, Worcester    Knapp & Papermill    Purslow Wood    Woodgate Valley

Clemcroft, nr Hazler Hill    Lower Kites Wood    Queenswood Country Park    Wren's Nest NNR (2004 route)

Coombes Valley    Lower Smite Farm    Radnor Wood    Wyre Forest East

Coombeswood Wedge    Loynton Moss    Ragleth Hil   l Wyre Forest West (Dowles Brook)

Coppet Hill    Loynton Moss (2015 onwards)    Rowley Hills. Land to south of Bury Hill Park