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Bredon Hill 

Bredon Hill 

Bredon Hill

Bredon Hill is a large area of Limestone Grassland lying west of the Cotswold ridge.  The limestone is Inferior Oolite and it spreads over most of the summit of the hill.  The north, east and west of the hill still has some open grassland which forms an escarpment with land slips and scattered with old disused quarries. This is mostly SSSI's and part of it is a National Nature Reserve and is of considerable wildlife interest. The southern side (a dip slope) is intensive arable farmland although the soil is poor. 

Whilst the area has been widely surveyed for insects there are not many butterfly records.

Access is difficult and is only via public footpaths which does not allow access to some of the more interesting grassland. 

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Bredon Hill from the west

Photographs showing old quarries - habitat for Dingy Skipper 

Species recorded from Casual Records from Bredon Hill highlighting Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak, Dark Green Fritillary.  A transect was walked there in the 1990's..

All Photographs below were taken on Bredon Hill