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Brotheridge Green and Melrose Meadows                                      

Brotheridge Green and Melrose Meadows                                      

Brotheridge Green and Melrose Farm Meadows

Brotheridge Green disused railway line has been known as a butterfly site for many years.  Although a small reserve it has a very high density of butterflies.  It has been known as a good site for White-letter Hairstreak although we have not had any records since 2011.

We have had Transect Records there for many years but the numbers of butterflies have been declining in recent years. 

Melose Farm Meadows is an adjacent flower rich meadow and orchard - access is via a footpath south of the road.  Due to the delicate nature of the site WWT ask visitors to stay on the footpath.  Again we have a Transect there however the numbers of butterflies very much depends when the hay is cut. 

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Brotheridge Green

Brotheridge Green

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Melrose Meadows by Wendy Carter

Melrose Farm Meadows by Hugh Glennie

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