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South Malverns 

South Malverns 

South Malvern

This site includes the part of the hills from Broad Down in the north to Holly Bush in the south.  Including Eastnor Park, Mid-Summer Hill and the Gullet.  

The habitat is varied, a mixture of acid grassland and bracken moorland together with mature broad-leaved woodland and scrub.  The hills reach an altitude of 286m at the top of Mid-Summer Hill, to the west of which is a mature Ash wood. 

The butterflies of the area has been studied for many years.  Swinyard Hill and Eastnor Park once had breeding colonies of High Brown, Pearl-bordered and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.  Silver-washed and occasionally Dark Green are still recorded. 

In recent years the Bracken has been well managed with a view to stimulate violet growth, the larval food plant of the Fritillaries. 

How to get there

A typical Walk from the official car park at Swinyards Hill

The map above shows the original South Malvern Transect and the table to the upper right shows the results.  The table lower right shows the later Eastnor transect - the last place where High Brown Fritillaries were recorded.

Above left shows bracken management on Swinyards Hill, stimulating growth of Violets and also Wood Sorrel 

Above a detailed map of Mid-Summer Hill - Eastnor Common and Hollybed Common.  To the right are tables showning butterfly records in the area. 

Below a photograph of Eastnor Park.