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Wyre Forest 

Wyre Forest 

Wyre Forest

Wyre Forest is a 5600 acre woodland - It is a National Nature reserve and FC Forest.  Various projects have been created to improve the habitat for butterflies. "Back to Orange" was a project to help the population of Pearl-bordered and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary.  The wood also holds Silver-washed and Dark Green Fritillary, Dingy and Grizzled Skipper.  There is also a small colony of Wood Whites.

How to get there                                                        Website on Pearl-bordered Fritillary

The Pipeline from Knowles Copse

Pearl-bordered Fritillary               Dingy Skipper                             Grizzled Skipper

The Railway Line from Dry Mill Lane and Dowles Brook - a good walk for Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 

Small Pearl-borderd Fritillary

Walk to Birchen Vallets and Pound Green Common - a good walk for Wood White.

Wood White