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Brown Hairstreak

Brown Hairstreak

Brown Hairstreak

  • National Status: Local in southern England. Population trend 10 years -58%; since 1976 -15%.
  • West Midlands Status: Confined to east Worcestershire, range expanding locally in the core area.
  • Population trend: 10 years – overall fairly stable but fluctuating from year to year.

  • Habitat: The wooded landscape of the former Forest of Feckenham, particularly scrubby woodland edges and farm hedgerows.
  • Flight Period: End of July to early October.
  • Wingspan 38–40 mm.

Caterpillar Food Plant – Blackthorn

Life Cycle Brown Hairstreak
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The Charts show the distribution over the last 5 years 2014 to 2018 
The Population Trend from Transect Records Considered STABLE The best population results are shown from egg counts. 
Phenology from Transect Records

Detail Site Maps 2017 Google

Some finer detailed of Sites for 2017

Detailed Mapping of Sites 2018

Detailed Mapping of Sites 2019

The Brown Hairstreak can be found in south east Worcestershire in the woods and hedgerows around Grafton Flyford and Feckenham.  In recent years the species has expanded and has been found as far north as Redditch. 
However the best site is still Grafton Wood. 

                                   Hedgerow For Hairstreaks - Download PDF