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Moth Recording 2004

Records of moths seen in the West Midlands area should be sent to the relevant County Recorder.

Species lists for trapping sessions during 2004 can be found below:

Crown East Wood - 13th March 2004 

Crown East Wood - 16th March 2004

Crown East Wood - 10th April 2004 

Wyre Forest, Park Lodge - 23rd April 2004

Whitacre Heath - 25th April 2004

Wyre Forest, Lodge Hill - 2nd May 2004

Saltwells NR - 7th May 2004

Grafton Wood - 8th May 2004

National Moth Night - Brueton Park, Solihull - 22nd May 2004

National Moth Night - Trench Wood - 22nd May 2004

Crown East Wood - 30th May 2004

Crown East Wood - 16th July 2004

Crown East Wood - 29th August 2004

Crown East Wood - 25th September

Crown East Wood - 16th October 2004

Crown East Wood - 17th November 2004

Summary reports for moth activity in Warwickshire

(available to download as Word files)

May 2004

June 2004

July 2004

Aug 2004



















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