The butterfly species shown below are those considered to be of national or local importance and are under threat.

They are all included in the Priority Species Action Plans, which form part of the overall UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

Use the links below to find out more about each plan on the UK Biodiversity website.

Click here for further information about the West Midlands region Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP's)

Argynnis adippe High Brown Fritillary
Aricia artaxerxes Northern Brown Argus
Boloria euphrosyne Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Carterocephalus palaemon Chequered Skipper
Eurodryas aurinia Marsh Fritillary
Hesperia comma Silver-Spotted Skipper
Lycaena dispar Large Copper Butterfly
Lysandra bellargus Adonis Blue
Maculinea arion Large Blue Butterfly
Mellicta athalia Heath Fritillary
Plebejus argus Silver-studded Blue
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