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Advice from Head Office on Cornavirus

You will all be aware of the current situation surrounding the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19. There is quite a lot government advice available and I have provided a link below you may find useful:

You will know this is a fast changing situation and all organisations are finding it necessary to lay down guidelines to their members, employees and volunteers.
It is now necessary to make some decisions on how BC functions during this period. After very careful consideration and consultation with trustees and similar organisations, and obviously with a great deal of regret, the following decisions have been made

    • All meetings, conferences, field trips and other events greater than 25 people must be cancelled or postponed until further guidance of the ever changing situation is known. This applies to all staff, branches and volunteers.

    • If you have an event with less than 25 people that you feel should proceed, then it will be necessary to update your risk assessments following Government advice, particularly for anybody that may have travelled to any high risk areas in recent weeks -

   • It is important that you consider whether any travel is essential and whether any meeting, field trip or event can be postponed to a later date when the situation is more settled.

If you do have an event in the coming weeks, please ensure your website is updated with the latest information.

Next week a coronavirus Covid-19 webpage will be created on the Branch SharePoint and will be updated on a regular basis.

We understand there may be cost implications for some events and if anybody has any concerns or would like further advice then please 

email [email protected]

I appreciate that this may cause some serious disruption within the Branch but these are exceptional circumstances. As an organisation we must take responsibility to ensure that we do not encourage the transmission of the virus. I trust you recognise that these are necessary steps.