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Pearl-bordered Fritillary 

Pearl-bordered Fritillary 

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

  • National Status: Scattered locations in Scotland, England and Wales, range contracting in England and Wales. Population trend 10 years +45%; since 1976 -71%.
  • West Midlands Status: Isolated colonies, range contracting. Population trend 10 years – increasing.
  • Habitat: Associated with edges, rides or open spaces within woodlands but it can also occur on rough hillsides where there are mosaics of Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum), grass and scrub.
  • Flight Period: Late April to mid-June..
  • Wingspan 38–47 mm.

Caterpillar Foodplant: The primary larval foodplant is Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana). Heath Dog-violet (Viola canina) and Marsh Violet (Viola palustris) are also used.

Pearl-bordered Fritillary Life Cycle

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The Charts show the distribution over the last 5 years population in a few known sites
The Population Trend from Casual Records shows significant decrease however time counts show better results. 
Phenology from Transect Records

Gallery by Dave Williams